2011-03-29 16:26:06 by Merancape

So the last song I composed made me sick, literally. Had to miss some classes, but oh well, such is the price of some art.

I've been hoping to catch the eye of some animators or game developers with my music, but there has been no word from either. Or anyone else for that matter aside from local film crews wanting use of royalty free material, how kind right? Needless to say I'm less flattered and more frustrated. Does my music even have a purpose anymore?


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2011-03-29 16:35:30

Oh it does still, don't you worry. The problem is, I think, musicians often get overlooked when preexisting things are at animators/designers disposal. Also, most internet animators seem to use their favorite song. That, and already popular audio portal songs get used to death.

A;dsfakdjglkdflkjg I like your music perhaps I will come to you next time I need to score something

Merancape responds:

Ha, it's been like two years - or close to it - but I'll still hold you to that eventually.