Entry #3

This Is Me Attempting To Update

2013-01-27 14:50:44 by Merancape

Hey folks! Not like anyone has been keeping up with me or anything, but I'm back, and trying to get back into the music game! I'd love to hear from anyone needing work done on an animation. Prestigious ones would be nice. Like, the really good stuff. Ok, so if you KNOW your animation is going to be like the best ever, send me a line. I don't work with cheapo's that can make a stick figure look like it was made out of... I dunno... sticks. So, unless you're egoraptor, don't ask for my help. Ever.

Oh, hey, you're still reading. Don't take offense, I was totally jay-kay. Don't you hate it when people actually spell out an acronym like it's a word? What a moron.

Anyway, in all seriousness, I'd love to help out on an animation. This is my dream and my passion, so I will do my best to accommodate. I do all styles that I can, from techno to classical. Here's to hoping 2013 is my year to shine!


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