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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love you for this. I really do.

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Zelda:Whatever Zelda:Whatever

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome stuff, but... Remind me why everyone copies egorapter?

Oddball Omnibus (Ch 1-3) Oddball Omnibus (Ch 1-3)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I don't quite understand some of the series of events, I can't tell what's actually happening most of the time (both sound and animation-wise), and it's generally hard to follow (e.g. she jumps down a chute from the street, and then she falls down into the pit and somehow ends up back on the street? And the introduction of the last two characters after the credits is off the wall). Despite these, however, the animation was well done, the voice-actors were chosen well, and the music wove into the story very nicely. Wish I could get into projects like this, to be honest!

Kreid responds:

The chute leads into a factory that's visible in the background of the street scenes.
The two characters at the end are there to tease the next episodes, just so people know it'll be continued

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Skincraft Skincraft

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I thought about MS paint, I thought about at least half a dozen different MC skin generators. But by GOD Swain, you've done it. You've made a simple interface with intuitive and self-explanatory options, and you've done it in such a way that's fun and intelligent. I thank you so much for this, haha!

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xKore - Bunch of old stuff xKore - Bunch of old stuff

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Very good, very good. I do the same sometimes; just make a ton of crud and have nothing to do with it. It's a lot like writing in that it serves well as good inspiration for later, you know?

No Burritos No Burritos

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Even if I hadn't read the story, that shit is hilarious!!! Awesome job man!

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lanky21 responds:

Thanks! Just messin' around, it always makes me chuckle a little.

B0UNC3 - Here we go (2:51) B0UNC3 - Here we go (2:51)

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There's a lot of music running around Newgrounds that completely kills the originality of songs because they utilize the dance/techno beat so often. I mean, every other song I hear on here is techno. Which is why it's a surprise to find something like this that - although a common song type - that has such a beautiful melody and entrancing beat. You do the genre proud, my friend. Keep it up!

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